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What We Do

Canada's most successful provider of university admissions consulting services

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Real Admissions Support.

We think of ourselves as more than just admissions consultants, we are leadership coaches, strategy consultants, storytellers, editors, and guidance counsellors.

Most of all, we are your rock of support during this stressful period. Everyone lacks confidence when applying to high competitive programs, but our clients are always left feeling assured.

We provide very personalized assistance with the application process - this involves brainstorming for the essays and building out the student's brand, writing the essays, and then doing exhaustive edits of the essay.


Get Into Your Dream School.

Our Admissions Consultants have an 85% acceptance rate getting our clients into the most competitive undergraduate programs in Canada, including:

  • Queen's Commerce / Engineering
  • Western Ivey
  • U of T Engineering / Commerce (Rotman)
  • Waterloo Engineering / Math
  • UBC Commerce (Sauder) / Engineering

How It Works

Interaction is 100% online over phone / Skype and email


1. Get to Know You

Our first couple calls are all about discovering who you are and what makes you tick. We'll ask you tough questions you may not know the answers to, and explore your past, present, and future.


Client Quote: "They found things that I did not think were important from my life and planned for me to do new things I never thought of."


2. Craft Your Story

The strongest applications are the best stories – strategically crafted to communicate who you truly are off the page. We believe authenticity is the most natural form of differentiation.


Client Quote: "Pieces and parts of my life were pulled together to create a final application that truly reflected who I am as a student."


3. Perfection

Extremely rigorous editing and reiterations to ensure every single word and punctuation mark serves a very specific and valuable purpose. We never submit an application until it's perfect.


Client Quote: "They have a deep knowledge of the admissions process and will pinpoint key areas of needed improvement in your application."

Who We Are

Canada's leading experts in university admissions and leadership development


Alex Dorward

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Alex works as a Digital consulting Manager at Accenture. He has worked on hundreds of applications and this past year had a 90% success rate of getting students admitted and a seven year average of 87%. One of his particular specialities is helping students navigate the video interviews.

Specializations: Rotman Commerce, Western Ivey, Waterloo Engineering, Schulich BBA, UBC Sauder



Jess Peters

Jessica provides mentorship and guidance services to high school students interested in pursuing an undergraduate business degree. Specifically, she has assisted 25+ students with the requirements of the Queen’s Commerce and Richard Ivey School of Business. To date, she has a 90% acceptance rate for her clients.

Specializations: Queen's Commerce, Western Ivey



Joel Nicholson

Joel is a Queen's Commerce graduate, former top-tier management consultant, and entrepreneur. Over the past seven years, over 85% of Joel's admissions clients have gotten into Queen's Commerce – a program boasting a 6% acceptance rate. He also specializes in McMaster Health Sci applications.

Specializations: Queen's Commerce, McMaster Health Sci, UBC Sauder


Our Advantage

Canada's most successful provider of university admissions consulting services


Years of Experience.

 We have over seven years of experience. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and arguably read more applications than some admissions committee members.

Significant Impact.

 Over these 7 years, we have had over 200 clients, ranging from local high school students, gap year students, current university students as well as international students.

Proven Results.

We have an 85% acceptance rate getting our clients into the most competitive undergraduate programs in Canada. Our results speak for themselves.


Our clients become our biggest fans – we proudly have a 100% satisfaction and recommendation rate

" has a deep knowledge of the admissions process and will pinpoint key areas of needed improvement in your application. Even if you are confident in your own judgement, having a second opinion from them could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection."

– Sam, Accepted to Queen's Commerce / Western Ivey

"Joel and Alex are both knowledgeable, helpful and a great source of comfort in the overwhelming time of university applications. I would recommend their services to just about anyone writing a supplementary to one of Canada's top schools."

– Drew, Accepted to Queen's Commerce / Western Ivey

"I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in attaining acceptance to Queen's Commerce and Rotman Commerce. I could not have done it without you."

– Mary, Accepted to Rotman Commerce / Queen's Commerce

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Email us as early as possible as spaces are very limited for the 2016/17 application season.