Frequently Asked Questions

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What pricing options do you offer?

We offer both fixed and hourly rates. A fixed rate is preferred, as we don't have to track our time during everything we work on (call preparation, editing, long email responses, etc.). Please see Joel and Alex's individual rates further in the FAQ.

What are Joel's rates?

Joel's hourly rate is $125 and fixed rates for full applications are $1,250. Full applications take approximately 10-15 hours of his time. This is simply what is required to develop a highly-competitive application.

What are Alex's rates?

Alex's hourly rate is $110, and his fixed rates for full applications can be seen below:

Ivey = $650
Rotman = $950
Schulich = $950 
Waterloo Engineering = $900

How does this work all online?

We've been offering this service 100% online for six years. Joel and Alex are based in the Eastern Time Zone, making it easy to schedule calls with the majority of clients. The convenience and effectiveness of email and phone calls has never required a request for an in-person meeting.

Why is your success rate so high?

Our methodology for how we think about application strategy is very unique. It's more than just writing an essay, it's about becoming the best student you can be in the time we have together. Highly competitive programs are all looking for the same thing: leadership and self-awareness. Joel and Alex have built a process to draw out as much of this as possible, and to communicate who you are on the page in a clear and compelling manner.

What payment methods are accepted?

We prefer accepting payments via Paypal or e-Interac transfers.

Are you affiliated with any universities?

No. We operate 100% independently from any academic institution.

Do you write essays for students?

No. We provide support in structuring the essays, word selection, revising sentence structures, etc. but we never write the essay for someone. We are extremely strict on ensuring the application is authentically created by the student.

Do you offer guarantees?

We do not offer guarantees, but we can guarantee that we will help you build the best possible application with what is available to us (your grades, extra-curriculars, etc.). 

How do we get started?

Please contact us and let us know the universities / programs to which you are applying, your grades and expected grades, your extra-curriculars, and more. It's also recommended you create a profile on

What are Jess' rates?

Please contact for more information

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  4. My son has processed all the necessary application details that Ivey needs for admittance.
    He is a graduate from the Western Civil Engineering program. His marks are good and we thought his essay expressing his leadership qualities was good.
    Ivey thinks otherwise. We were told that there may be a review of his essay and I thought I would reach out and get help in co-ordinating a new essay.

    Please call if you can assist in any way

    Thank you

    (My cell is 416-904-0001)

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